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How to Document Family Adventures (without your family resenting you!)

How to Document Family Adventures (without your family resenting you!)

"Live in the moment! Put your camera away and be present!"...."You only have 936 weekends with your child until they are grown! Document every.single.moment!!"

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Ah, the joys of modern parenting. While I am clearly a person who values photography- and since you are reading this, presumably you are too!- I think its so very important to find balance here. You need to  capture the moments without your family wishing you had stayed in the car! I've learned few things in my nearly eight year tenure as a mom-tog that I can share to make the experience fun for everyone.

1. Limit the amount of "cheese" pictures.

When you're out some place new- especially if you're a kid- you are approximately -46% interested in looking at a camera, smiling, and standing thisclose to your sibling. To get your kiddos to cooperate, tell them beforehand you would like to get ONE posed pic before you go, and then (this is key): stick to that promise! If you stay true to your promise this time they are much more likely to cooperate next time!

2. Acknowledge their discoveries with your eyeballs and words FIRST.

Look in their little eyes and see their pride and excitement before you start clicking away. As far as kids are concerned, looking through a camera lens is NOT actually looking. When your child feels truly noticed, they will happily stand still for a split second to have the moment captured. 

3. Step back and let the setting tell the story.

This tip works twofold in your favor. First, you get more interesting pictures than a bunch of close ups of your kids, and when you look back on the photos in five years you'll be able to recall where you actually were. But also, you'll capture your family happy and freely enjoying their adventure- and isn't that kind of the whole point?

4. Hand the camera over and get in the picture yourself!

You were there too mama! Hand that camera over to your husband or kiddo if you like to live dangerously and get in the picture. I have the camera set to center focus or touch screen mode and then I follow the one click rule from tip number one so as not to stress out the volunteer photog. These images aren't usually perfect but that really doesn't matter. You and your family will cherish them in years to come!

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