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Golden Hour: What is it and Why Do Photographers Love it?

Golden Hour: What is it and Why Do Photographers Love it?

"Mom....where are we going?"

My bewildered 7 year old asked this as we were out location scouting after dinner one night. Normally I'm pretty strict about our bedtime schedule (surviving two babies who didn't sleep through the night until they were well over a year will do that to a person!) but on this beautiful evening, we were out exploring locations for some upcoming photo sessions. I explained that we were going to a spot we'd been previously, but I wanted to "check the light tonight at golden hour, that's when the light is su-"

"Mom. I know what golden hour is. You talk about it all the time!"

I had to laugh at his sleepiness induced sass because its so true! If you don't live with someone who obsesses about beautiful light, let me explain: What is Golden Hour and Why do Photographers Love it?

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1) Golden Hour refers to the time frame and sunlight quality approximately one hour before sunset. 

2) During this time, the sun is low and and the light is warm and gentle,  giving a beautifully glowy,  "golden" appearance to everything it touches.

3) Photographers love this because beautiful light is essential to creating stunning photos and stunning photos are kind of the reason we're all here! 


When I am planning a session with a client I send out a questionnaire asking (among other things) what time of day they would like their session to take place. Light is EVERYTHING in photography and the time of day you choose to schedule your session for makes a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your photos. While there's really no "wrong" time for photos, its critically important to know what results you can expect from the time frame you choose.


If you've never really paid attention to golden hour I highly suggest you check it out! Most weather apps include a sunrise/sunset time, or just ask Siri and set a reminder to look outside during that last hour before sunset! Soon you'll be golden hour obsessed too!

Love this look and want to schedule your own golden hour session with me? Click through to the contact page or message me on Facebook! 

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