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Get Ready for Fall: 5 Tips

Get Ready for Fall: 5 Tips

It's that time of year again: ND State Fair time. Which somehow means its going to be fall before we know it. I still haven't figured out how that works but time always goes so quickly this time of year!

As a former kindergarten teacher and now a mom of two who are heading back to school, I've learned there a few things to do now that just make life so much simpler once the busy fall season sets in. Read on for my tips- and then leave a comment on this post on Facebook or Instagram with your own tips! 

5 Tips for Getting Ready for Fall

1. Get those school supplies now.

This one is just nice to get out of the way. Target has the supplies and lists out over a month in advance so take advantage! The stock gets picked over quickly too and then the task of finding the exact count/size/color option specified on the list becomes needlessly stressful. Do yourself a favor and shop early!

2. Try on the Snow Gear.

Yep. You read that right. Call me crazy but I'm telling you there is nothing worse than a surprise October snow storm and suddenly your kid has to squeeze into last year's snow gear....speaking from experience here as both a parent and a teacher! A bonus of shopping now is you can often find great prices on last year's design of Bogs and other expensive items. Stock up on mittens and hats and then rest easy knowing whatever the weather decides to do your kiddos are ready!

3. Stock the Pantry and Freezer.

Now is the perfect time to prep a few freezer meals or even just stock up on meal components you use regularly. Its not even funny how many times a prepped meal (read: frozen pizza) has saved the day at our house! I like to load up on pasta and sauces for the pantry, and frozen veggies, garlic bread, french fries and protein for the freezer. Don't forget to hide an emergency stash of applesauce and granola bars for snack time and lunch boxes!

4. Schedule Your Family Photos.

Fall fills up fast for photographers! Take the pressure off of hoping to find someone who can squeeze you into their schedule and just get it on the books! August is a great option because schedules aren't usually full yet (for families or photogs!), or if you are really after fall color, grab a date well in advance to guarantee the look you want for your images. 

5. Give Summer your Best Effort.

Our winters here are no joke. One of the things that has helped me so much is really soaking up time in the sunshine and just making a conscious effort to notice and appreciate all the joy of summer life. That way when the dark and cold of early winter set in, you can bring back the feeling of those summer moments and give yourself a little ray of hope that summer will in fact return one day!

I hope you are having a great summer and enjoyed these tips! What is your best tip for getting ready for fall? Leave a comment on this post on Facebook or Insta and let us know!

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