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Print. Your. Photos.

Print. Your. Photos.

Ok mamas. Its time. All those adorable photos you take of your kiddos? You need to print them. 

Its one of my more embarrassing confessions as a photographer that I rarely print my own photos! I love my work, obviously love the precious memories I capture, but I just didn't know how to display these informal images in a way that made sense and I didn't want to be overrun by hundreds of prints, because the last thing any mom wants is more clutter to manage- amiright?! So my everyday images largely existed on screens.

But in our digital world, printing images still matters. Glancing over to see a print of a happy summer moment can change your whole attitude on a rough day. Kiddos LOVE looking over their own images- studies show children actually feel happier and more secure in homes with family pictures displayed. 

And also: they're super cute!

After thinking of options I decided I wanted to print just a few favorites for display on our fridge. For this project I went with Artifact Uprising. I chose the Everyday Print Set with white borders and selected my 10 favorite images from this summer. Then I waited anxiously for 5 days until the package arrived and, people, I am in LOVE!

au prints.jpg

How cute is that custom art installation on my fridge?! The prints were exactly what I was hoping for: high quality, thick paper, the white borders balanced the informal images and tied the entire collection together. These are truly the perfect "everyday prints".

My goal is to print my 10 favorite images every season to switch out the display. As our collection grows I'm thinking a cute coffee table box to store the images that are not currently on display will keep them within reach but but still organized.

I'm so happy with how this project turned out! Do you print your everyday photos? Let us know in the comments on FB  how you decide what to print and how you display them!

Casual Photo Styling

Casual Photo Styling